Mercedes Findlay specializes in unearthing your story and telling it in such a way that people can’t help but listen. She’s had the pleasure of an over 10-year career in media with Canada’s largest media networks - Bell Media and Rogers Television. Her experience spans public and media relations, traditional and digital communications, writing, and content.

As a consultant, she’s developed and lead initiatives both large and small, for non-profit and private clients. Outcomes include increased audience engagement, brand awareness, stronger strategic communications, partnerships, and sustained media coverage. As a writer, she’s transformed mundane copy into eloquent prose, all while passing it off as work rather than fun (it is).

One of her biggest strengths is her stellar network of experts. Phenoms of graphic design, PR, social media and beyond, are ready to assemble at the first cry for help faster than Gotham using that handy custom spotlight.

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