Speaking publicly can be scary. Speaking to the media can be terrifying. It doesn't have to be. We can teach you how to be the prepared, clear, and calm messenger you need to be when communicating with the media. We'll teach you how to develop and hone your key messaging, how to handle difficult or negative questions, and how to best present on-camera or with an audience, all while allowing your natural personality to shine through. 


     Includes: Custom solution including all elements of Start-Me-Up and Pick-Me-Up packages plus:

  • Per week/month posting
  • Promoted Posts
  • Custom Analytics and Reporting
  • Optimization and Promotion

Of course, if you require full management of your public and media relations, communications, and social media strategy, that’s our specialty. Get in touch for an assessment and quote today!



  • Complete Single or Multi-Platform Set-up
  • Social Media Audit
  • Audience Identification/Segmentation
  • Social Media Strategy Creation
  • Training
  • Analytics and Reporting Set-up

Each of our packages starts with a consultation to determine your unique needs. They’re suitable for small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs/consultants. You have a LOT to do, let us get one more thing off of the To-Do List. 



Ready to level-up your exposure? You know your product/service/expertise would be of interest to the media, or you’re ready to grow and diversify your audience. The question is how. That’s where Media and PR come in. Earning organic media exposure builds trust, boosts your exposure to new heights, and gets you in front of new people. A solid public relations strategy is the key to telling your story effectively, and to managing your brand image. We can come in and set you on the path to being a guru in your own right. We’ll walk you through developing a strategy, how to research and build media lists and how to reach out (without a sweating through your clothes). You’ll learn how to build great pitches that get picked up and how to manage negative and crisis situations.

Wish there was a better way to learn social without asking your kids (and their rolling eyes) or fumbling your way through? Good news – we have that! We’ll come to you and run a clinic suited to your needs. We’ll teach you, and your staff if needed, how to use the social media platforms best suited to your business and needs. We’ll show you how to manoeuver the landscape, develop best practices for participation, engagement, and advertising, and how to fold social into your larger marketing and brand strategy. Whether you need to start right from scratch or boost your existing knowledge, we’ve got you covered. 

Imagine having a team dedicated to your social media presence on the day you launch, grand open, ball, insert-amazing-event here. Dream realized! We’ll come to your event and take care of everything social. That means taking and posting photos, tagging and shouting out sponsors, engaging with your present and supporting audience, and more. That way you have time schmooze, talk, work the room, sell, [insert-amazing-you-doing-you here].  


     Includes: All of the elements of the Start-Me-Up plus:

  • Online Community Development
  • Content Development
  • Beefed up Analytics and Reporting