There are many great ways to get the word out about your amazing person, place, or thing. Media, both traditional and digital remains as one of the strongest methods to get your message into the right hands. Here’s a secret: you already possess the thing the media has a need for – content.

 MFC possess trusted relationships with a range of journalists, outlets, and influencers, and we’re more than happy to engage them for your benefit. We’re coming from the inside and speak their language; let us craft angles and stories that resonate.

  • Media Strategy Development
  • Public Relations Strategy Development
  • Strategic Outreach
  • Media Event Management
  • Media Training


We know, that you know, having a strong digital presence is an essential part of connecting with your audience and overall success. The fact that you haven’t jumped in likely isn’t due to a lack of awareness of the mind-blowing world of networks and communities available for every sort of interest. It’s more likely the lack of two key factors – time and know-how.

Besides running your business, foundation, or the like, who has the time to keep up with every new platform and how to use them? We do. Whether you just need extra hands to help manage and maintain, or need an entire strategy from the ground up, we’re here to help decipher the snaps from the chats, and everything in between.

  • Social Media Platform Set-up
  • Social Media Audit and Strategy
  • Social Media Training
  • Social Media Content and Copywriting, Maintenance, and Management


com·mu·ni·ca·tions: A technique for expressing ideas effectively

The written word permeates everything we do. No pressure. Good thing we at MFC really, really love to write. We craft prose that captures your unique voice and doubles as a greased path to your goals. Your tribe wants to hear from and get to know you just as much as you do them, so let’s get you guys in the same room and see what transpires.

  • Traditional and Digital communications materials
  • Public Relations Materials and content
  • Digital copywriting and maintenance 

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